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Information relating to hearings – including dates and transcripts – is made available here as the Inquiry progresses. 

11/01/2022 9:30 am

Chapters 7, 10 and 12 Hearing (monitored recommendations; care gap evidence and recommendations), 11 January

The Inquiry is hearing Chapter 7 evidence covering Volume One monitored recommendations and Chapter 10 and 12 evidence covering care gap evidence and recommendations.

The Inquiry heard evidence from Shaun Hipgrave, Director of Protect and Prepare for the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism on Volume One monitored recommendations.

The Inquiry also heard evidence and recommendations relating to the care gap from John Lawrie, Intelligence Analyst and Political Consultant. Mr Lawrie’s evidence will will be heard in a restricted session. We will then hear from John Rowe, Acting Deputy Director of Operational Strategy for the Health and Safety Executive, and Shaun Hipgrave, who will return to give evidence on the care gap.

The open session of this hearing was streamed to the Inquiry YouTube channel. The stream was operating on a 10-minute delay.