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15/02/2022 9:30 am

Chapter 14 Hearing, 15 February

The Inquiry is hearing Chapter 14 evidence covering preventability.

On 15 February the Inquiry will hear evidence from Prison Officer 1 who works at the prison where Abdalraouf Abdallah is being held. This evidence will be heard in restricted session. The Inquiry will also read a gist of the Chapter 14 CLOSED evidence and Oral submissions on the recalling of Witness J and Temporary ACC Dominic Scally.

The hearing will be streamed to the Inquiry YouTube channel. The stream will be operating on a 10-minute delay.

2022.03.02: Ruling on the recall of Witness J and T/ACC Dominic Scally, with appendices
Ruling on application for further evidence from Witness J and T/ACC Scally
Ruling on Further Evidence from Witness J and TACC Scally – Appendices