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The Manchester Arena Inquiry has now concluded. The closure notice from the Inquiry Chairman is available here.

Volume Three: Radicalisation and Preventability
Volume Three: Radicalisation and Preventability (20pt version)

Appendix 17: Expert in radicalisation

Dr Matthew Wilkinson

Dr Matthew Wilkinson is an academic specialising in contemporary Islam. He is the principal investigator on a research project entitled ‘Understanding Conversion to Islam in Prison’. He has expert knowledge of Islamic theology, Islamic ideology and Islamist extremism.128

His degree, in Theology and Religious Studies, and Education Studies, was obtained from Cambridge University and the London Metropolitan University. He holds a Master’s degree in Education and Social Science from King’s College London, the focus of which was on Muslim boys and education in England. He was awarded a doctorate from King’s College London, the focus of which was on a societal portrait of Islam and the Muslim community in Britain.129

His expert knowledge of contemporary Islam derives from: his academic research; his experience of a traditional Islamic education; his experience of the Muslim community, as a Muslim, for over 30 years; and his work as an expert witness.130

He has published extensively on contemporary Islam, including at least ten academic papers, two book chapters, and two peer‑reviewed and acclaimed books. He has given evidence for both the prosecution and the defence in the criminal courts in 30 cases. He has also given evidence in civil proceedings.131

He taught at an all‑male Muslim faith school. He has led prayer and given the sermon on Fridays. He has taught the Qur’an to children and adults.132

He has had substantial exposure to and has a detailed knowledge of the ideology and theology of Al‑Qaeda and Islamic State groups and the ways in which those organisations radicalise individuals.133