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The Manchester Arena Inquiry has now concluded. The closure notice from the Inquiry Chairman is available here.

Volume Three: Radicalisation and Preventability
Volume Three: Radicalisation and Preventability (20pt version)

Appendix 2

(questions in black should be addressed by both MI5 and CTP, questions in red should be addressed by MI5 and questions in blue should be addressed by CTP)


  1. Is it CTP’s position that it shared the Oliban material with MI5 before the Arena Attack?

  2. Is it MI5’s position that the Oliban material was not shared with it before the Arena Attack?

  3. If there is a difference of views, have steps been taken to establish whether CTP or MI5 is correct and, if so, with what outcome?

  4. If MI5 did not receive the Oliban material before the Arena Attack, when did they receive it?

“De Facto” Subject of Interest

  1. Is it the position of MI5 that no person should be treated as a “De Facto” Tier 2 Subject of Interest but instead should be either Open or Closed and that this should also have been the position in 2015 to 2016?


  1. Do MI5 and CTP consider that the attribution of the 3458 number to Salman Abedi, if made in 2014, would have made a material difference to the assessment of the risk Salman Abedi presented?

Chilling Effect

  1. What is MI5’s position on the weight the Chairman should give to paragraph (vii) of Expert Witness Z’s summary of conclusions?