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The Manchester Arena Inquiry has now concluded. The closure notice from the Inquiry Chairman is available here.

Volume 2 is divided into two sub-volumes: Volume 2-I and Volume 2-II. Volume 2-I is 695 pages long. Volume 2-I begins with a Preface and then continues with Parts 9 to 16. Volume 2-II is 189 pages long. It contains Parts 17 to 21 and the Appendices. A list of the names of the twenty-two who died is at page vii of Volume 2-I and at page iii of Volume 2-II.
A large format version combining Volume 2-I (ia, ib and ic) and Volume 2-II is also available.
Volume 2-I (standard format)
Volume 2-II (standard format)
Volume 2 (large format)

Part 15: Fire and rescue service response to the Attack

In Part 12, I set out the relationship between North West Fire Control (NWFC) and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS). In this Part, I will consider the response of these two organisations to the Attack. I will address the role played by each of them in turn, starting with NWFC.

There is considerable overlap between the two sections, given that I am often dealing with different sides of the same conversation. This is inevitable. For this reason, each section should be read in conjunction with the other.