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The Manchester Arena Inquiry has now concluded. The closure notice from the Inquiry Chairman is available here.

Volume 2 is divided into two sub-volumes: Volume 2-I and Volume 2-II. Volume 2-I is 695 pages long. Volume 2-I begins with a Preface and then continues with Parts 9 to 16. Volume 2-II is 189 pages long. It contains Parts 17 to 21 and the Appendices. A list of the names of the twenty-two who died is at page vii of Volume 2-I and at page iii of Volume 2-II.
A large format version combining Volume 2-I (ia, ib and ic) and Volume 2-II is also available.
Volume 2-I (standard format)
Volume 2-II (standard format)
Volume 2 (large format)

Martyn Hakan Hett

Martyn Hett was the son of Figen Murray and Paul Hett and the stepson of their respective partners, Stuart Murray and Kath Hett.219 He was a brother to Daniel, stepbrother to Matt and Emma and half‑brother to Louise and Nikita.220 Martyn was 29 years old at the time of his death on 22nd May 2017.221

Martyn had an instantly engaging personality. His mother spoke of his “incredible passion for life” and “catching charisma”.222 I saw some of it for myself, in videos and images shared by his family. Martyn was a larger‑than‑ life character. He lived his life at 100 miles an hour,223 but equally took the time to make whoever he was with know that they mattered.224 He had so many friends and displayed such compassion for others.225 Many of Martyn’s friends made videos detailing their memories of him and spoke of how he was a joy to be around, that he was always there for the good times and the bad, and was “deeply kind and empathetic”.226 He brought people together and allowed them all to shine.227

His humour, love of drama and talent for film‑making propelled him into the limelight, as he amassed over 10,000 followers on Twitter.228 He also made a number of television appearances. I heard of his impact even on those who had never met him, and how he touched people’s lives.229 One of them said, “Life is full of negatives. Don’t be another one. Be more Martyn.230 #BEMOREMARTYN became a hashtag in the aftermath of the announcement of Martyn’s death.231

Martyn’s mother told how she struggled to condense into a few minutes “a life so colourful and vibrant and packed with adventure”.232 I can understand that. Martyn’s friends and family are right to be proud of him. His future was very bright.

Events of 22nd May 2017

Martyn attended the concert that night with three of his closest friends: Paul, Chris and Stuart.233 They were celebrating Paul’s birthday and Martyn’s upcoming trip to America.234 I heard and saw for myself, in a short video clip taken that night, how happy Martyn was. He was standing up, singing and dancing from the first song.235 Martyn left his seat near the end of the show and was seen to enter the City Room at 22:28:42.236