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The Manchester Arena Inquiry has now concluded. The closure notice from the Inquiry Chairman is available here.

Volume 2 is divided into two sub-volumes: Volume 2-I and Volume 2-II. Volume 2-I is 695 pages long. Volume 2-I begins with a Preface and then continues with Parts 9 to 16. Volume 2-II is 189 pages long. It contains Parts 17 to 21 and the Appendices. A list of the names of the twenty-two who died is at page vii of Volume 2-I and at page iii of Volume 2-II.
A large format version combining Volume 2-I (ia, ib and ic) and Volume 2-II is also available.
Volume 2-I (standard format)
Volume 2-II (standard format)
Volume 2 (large format)

Nell Jones

Nell Jones was the daughter of Jayne and Ernie Jones and sister of Sam, Joe and William.281 She was 14 years old at the time of her death on 22nd May 2017.282

Nell was gifted in very many ways. She excelled in English and maths and was placed on the “gifted and talented register”.283 She was described as a “sheer delight”284 to teach and a “fabulous role model for others to look up to”.285

Alongside her academic ability, Nell had a passion for drama. She shone on stage and loved entertaining others.286 She had a “bright, bubbly, vibrant personality”287 and she put her heart and soul into every performance she gave.288 She stood out as a star right from the start.289

A number of Nell’s friends told of the fun times they had shared: shopping, trips to the park, trying to ice‑skate, birthday meals out; every story filled with joy and happy memories for them.290 Nell was described as the fun one in the friendship group, with a “wicked sense of humour”.291 Her best friend said, “If I searched the world over I would never find a friend as loyal, caring, funny or as full of life as Nell was. She was one in a million and she will live in my heart forever.292 Nell’s parents are right to be very proud of her.

Events of 22nd May 2017

Nell was not a huge Ariana Grande fan, but was so excited to be going to the concert that night with a friend.293 Her mother Jayne had given her some money to spend at the merchandise stalls and told her to have a lovely time.294 Nell’s friend recalls how much they enjoyed the concert and that they were singing and dancing from the very first song.295 They left after the final song and entered the City Room at 22:30:43.296