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The Manchester Arena Inquiry has now concluded. The closure notice from the Inquiry Chairman is available here.


A ruling from the Chairman on Core Participant status


The Chairman of the Manchester Arena Inquiry, Sir John Saunders, has today ruled on the application for Core Participant status by 56 survivors of the attack, after hearing submissions from survivors and Core Participants via video link on 7th April. Read the statement in full here.

Please note that all YouTube videos have been moved to the Manchester Arena Inquiry video archive on the National Archive website. Please visit the video archive for more information.

In his statement, Sir John notes that the injuries, trauma and personal tragedy that the survivors have suffered cannot be overstated and that he fully appreciates that this application is borne of the desire of the survivors to ensure that the reasons for the attack are fully understood and that lessons are learned.

Sir John said: “After a great deal of anxious thought, I have decided to refuse this application. That does not mean that the survivors will not have a voice in this Inquiry; they will.”

The Chairman outlines that he intends to call survivors who can give relevant evidence as witnesses during the Inquiry. Survivors will be able to raise any concerns with the Inquiry legal team and identify lines of inquiry that they would wish to have pursued, and straightforward mechanisms will be put in place to allow communication with the Inquiry Team. The survivors will also be able to engage with and participate in the Inquiry in a number of other ways: they can attend the Inquiry’s hearings or view them through the livestream available on the Inquiry’s website, and they can access transcripts, evidence and documents on the Inquiry’s website.

The Chairman’s full ruling is available here and is accompanied by a statement from the Chairman summarising the ruling, available here.